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In 7th grade, I built a mobile DJ setup using my stereo, some wood, some black lights, and a Radio Shack microphone.


I transferred to a new school in 9th grade, and told all my new friends that I was a DJ. They asked me if I wanted to DJ the upcoming dance. I said "yes", and realized my dinky little setup wasn't going to do the job, so I created Stoner Sound Systems and built an entirely new setup, complete with a giant switch panel for all the lights (that I also built). Eventually, I started DJ-ing at other schools, parties, weddings, etc.


The school offered me the opportunity to do the announcements over the PA. It was my job to announce everything happening at the school that day, along with the Pledge of Allegiance, and of course, news about the upcoming school dances (that I was also DJ-ing). I made recordings of myself imitating a major local radio station transitioning out of one song, into a home-made radio commercial announcing the dance, then I'd do a little radio DJ banter transitioning back into the next song (all of which I would record & play back on a little cassette recorder into the microphone of the school PA). Those were the days!

Starting then (and at least once a week ever since), people have told me I should do voice overs. I did a lot of voice work for AlterMedia when I was developing the demo videos, performing at trade shows, etc, but after I sold Studio Suite in 2019, the path cleared. I bought a proper VO mic (well... a few), learned about the industry, made a demo and dug in to everything. It was a slow start, but  I'm doing VOs every day, and it's a blast! 

You can learn more / watch / listen to my demo at

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