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Strategic and highly innovative professional with distinguished record of conceptualizing effective plans and directing high performing team for overseeing development and positioning of leading-edge product across diverse global markets.


Critical-thinker with insightful leadership skills offering vast expertise and creativity in product development, project management, business planning, consultancy, sound/media production, music, entertainment, and audio engineering.  

Demonstrated success managing software development projects through strategic planning and effective team management. Instrumental at developing and administering budgets, utilizing necessary resources, and reducing potential risks to ensure completion of projects within specified timelines and budgetary constraints.

Credible history of planning/executing tradeshows, booth design, events, and training seminars for driving brand awareness across large customer audience.

Adept at conveying complex technical information and generating novel solutions to build consensus with key project stakeholders. Refined communicator with strong problem solving skills; keenly focused on taking end-to-end ownership and delivering next-level results in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment.


Highlights of Expertise


Career Experience

AlterMedia, Inc.®

Successfully established AlterMedia Inc. to develop, launch, sell, and support the flagship software product, Studio Suite - (sold Studio Suite in April 2019). Provided consultancy services as well as developed custom software for highly renowned organizations.  

Founder/CEO (Feb 1997 to May 2020)

Spearheaded all phases of software product development lifecycle from creative conception to test-driven implementation. Delivered post / pre-deployment support, training, and customization services to hundreds of clients worldwide. Led business development initiatives and marketing campaigns to drive brand identity across diverse global markets. Interacted with clients to gather necessary information and update about projects’ progress. Conducted competitive market research to identify prevailing tendencies, while developing strategic business plans accordingly to drive bottom-line gains. 

Global Business Development:

  • Expanded organizational reach to diverse customer markets of 55+ countries (covering six continents).

  • Promoted/sold Studio Suite as well as delivered consultancy services to big names of media, eCommerce, aeronautics, space exploration, IT, and telecom (as well as government sector organizations) including: 

    • Media: ABC, Conde Nast, Comcast, Fox, Fremantle, IMAX, Warner Bros., LucasFilm, Universal, National Geographic, DCTV, DirectTV 

    • IT: Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle

    • Space Exploration: NASA

    • Government & Defense: US Air Force, US Army, US Dept. of Justice (DoJ), and US Food & Drug Admin (FDA)

    • Corporate: Amazon, ATT, Cisco, Delta Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, Mattel, Norfolk Southern, Re/Max, Roche, Verizon.

    • Leading audio / video, TV / film / game production companies.

Product / Project Management: 

  • Oversaw design, development, and positioning of leading-edge product that earned significant value across highly competitive global markets.

  • Built, released, and supported multiple versions of the product over 23 years by directing a team of developers.

  • Conceptualized robust plans and directed/trained highly professional team to manage both ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom software development projects for high-valued clients.

  • Accomplished overall projects within specified timelines and budgetary constraints through effective resource utilization, risk management, and team leadership.

  • Attracted large customer audience and boosted sales volume through tradeshows/events; prepared necessary logistics and designed/built exhibition booths. 

Product Support / Customer Satisfaction:

  • Achieved maximum client satisfaction by delivering post/pre-deployment support. 

  • Provided product awareness to clients by conducting training seminars.

Motivational Leadership:

  • Built, managed, led, and motivated high performing teams to achieve short- and long-term business goals.

  • Maintained collaborative leadership style to boost teams’ morale, while encouraging professional growth at all levels.

Additional Experience:

        Recording Engineer / Mixer (partial list) ​​


Audio & Interface Design Consultant   VirtuosoWorks (now part of PreSonus)

Designed software structure/interface for audio mixing and implemented significant improvements to the sonic realism and quality by manipulating the original orchestral sound samples and refining the playback algorithms.

Education & Credentials:

B.A. in Music Production & Engineering | Berklee College of Music (Cum Laude)


  • Consultant, Society of Industry Leaders, Vista Research, a division of Standard & Poor.

  • Consultant, Guidepost Global Advisors

  • Vice-President, National Academy/Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) (Atlanta Chapter), 97’

  • Board of Governors, NARAS (Atlanta Chapter), '98-'02

  • FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC)

Technical Proficiencies:

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