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You might be interested in my consultation services because I:

  • Obtained a degree in Music Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music. Cum Laude.

  • Worked on the build, installation, and electronic maintenance of Berklee's 6 state-of-the-art studios, eventually becoming Supervisor of Electronic Maintenance through graduation.

  • Worked as the primary engineer at Enterprise Studios for 10 years. In that time, Enterprise grew from 1 small control room when I started, to a 6 rooms studio full of a bunch SSL consoles, and 1 Neve console. In this role, led the development of many of the technical aspects of the facility, and had the good fortune & privilege to work on a huge variety of amazing projects with an equally amazing group of individuals. (see Audio Production section).

  • Founded AlterMedia, Inc., and created Studio Suite, the leading 'studio management software', used by leading facilities in 55 countries.

  • Plowed through the process of founding a company, and developing cross-platform business management software that functions in multiple languages, and works with multiple currencies.

  • Conducted business with leading studios & production facilities with demanding technical requirements, and critical deadlines in 55 countries.

  • Benefitted from detailed discussions with the majority of Studio Suite's users, regarding how they run their businesses.

  • Consulted on a music notation software product call Notion (now owned by Presonus), managed product development, and making the playback engine sound more realistic.

  • Designed the foundational database structure for Guardian ESI, a software product that provides a management structure / framework for film & TV production studios during the Covid pandemic. It tracks production zones, people, tests, temperatures, masks, gloves, studio locations, entrances/exits to the studio, (ultimately keeping everyone safe), and provides Key Performance Metric (KPM) documentation & reports to film insurance companies to prove that protocols are firmly in place and executed.

To recap, my varied range of experience includes: Electronics, Engineering, Construction, Software, Music, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Trade Shows, Film & TV Production, International Business, Accounting, Deal Making, and more. I get the job done.

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