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Welcome to my corner of the internet, a place to document & share different parts of my life. You can see more details about the various items on the left, but here's a short overview...


Sewickley, PA

Grade School

Sewickley Academy

High School

Avon Grove HS, in West Grove, PA. Custom-built and launched Stoner Sound Systems, a mobile DJ company. Jr. Class President. Varsity Soccer. Stage Crew. Concert Band. Jazz Band. National Honor Society.


Berklee College of Music. Degree in Music Production & Engineering, minor in Arranging, work-study job building and maintaining 6 new recording studios at Berklee, eventually becoming Supervisor of Electronic Maintenance for the studios. Cum Laude.

Recording Engineer

After graduating from Berklee, I drove across the country to Los Angeles, and within 2 weeks got a job at Enterprise Studios in Burbank, CA. I quickly became the staff engineer, working on every project that came in the door. That evolved into a career as an independent recording engineer, working on a huge variety of projects in more than 100 studios all over Los Angeles - records, films, tv, commercials, and more. These days, I work at home using ProTools, Logic, and Audition.

AlterMedia Inc.
& Studio Suite

I founded AlterMedia in 1997 to develop Studio Suite (my studio management software) which was purchased & implemented by leading studios in 55 countries. I sold the Studio Suite business to Adatasol, Inc. in 2019.


For years, people have told me I "should do voiceovers professionally", so after selling the Studio Suite business I thought I'd give it a go. Now, it's part of my daily routine.


Developing several of my own businesses, and consulted with hundreds of others has provided me a wealth of knowledge, experience, and vision to share. I've engineered in more than 100 of the best studios in Los Angeles, and advised studio owners all over the world about how to improve their business using the features of Studio Suite.

Whirl Ventures, LLC.

Because my mate (Trish) and I are always 'whirling' ideas, this is the business framework upon which to build the best of them.

NA Vibes

First out of the gate from Whirl Ventures, this entity aims to flip the stigma of sobriety into a FRESH new lifestyle to wear loud and pound, and to: 'Tap into a new way to think about your drink.'

NA Deal Depot

Second out of the gate from Whirl Ventures, NA Deal Depot is The Non-Alcoholic Superstore. We search. You save. They Deliver. Check it out!

NA Drink Locator

The 3rd project from Whirl Ventures. This is a simple app that finds bars, restaurants and retail stores that offer non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers, apéritifs, cocktails, etc. When you enable Location Services, the NADL will automatically display establishments near you. The map includes over 17K+ destinations worldwide…and growing. No user account required. We do not track, store or share your location history.

Give it a Whirl!

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I'm a multi-instrumentalist (flute, sax, bass, drums, piano, guitar), and love to write & play music of many styles.


That thing we do between everything else!

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