Welcome to my corner of the internet, a place to document & share different parts of my life. You can see details about the various items on the left, but here's a short overview...


Sewickley, PA

Grade School

Sewickley Academy

High School

Avon Grove HS, in West Grove, PA. Custom-built and launched Stoner Sound Systems, a mobile DJ company. Jr. Class President.


Berklee College of Music. Degree in Music Production & Engineering, minor in Arranging, work-study job building and maintaining 6 new recording studios at Berklee, eventually becoming Supervisor of Electronic Maintenance for the studios. Cum Laude.

Recording Engineer

After Berklee, I drove across the country to Los Angeles, and within 2 weeks got a job at Enterprise Studios in Burbank, CA. I quickly became the staff engineer, working on hundreds of projects. That evolved into career as an independent recording engineer, working on a huge variety of projects in over 100 studios all over Los Angeles.

AlterMedia Inc.
& Studio Suite

I founded AlterMedia in 1997 to develop Studio Suite (my studio management software) which was purchased & implemented by leading studios in 55 countries. I sold the Studio Suite business to Adatasol, Inc. in 2019.


For years, people have told me I should "do voiceovers professionally!", so after selling the Studio Suite business I thought I should give it a go. Now, it's part of my daily routine!


My years of experience growing my own businesses has provided me a wealth of knowledge, experience, and vision to share. I've engineered in over 100 of the best studios in Los Angeles on a huge variety of projects, and talked with studio owners all over the world about how they run their businesses.


That thing we do between everything else!